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Breaking up is easy. Anyone can do it. It’s what happens next that’s hard, as thirty-something slacker, Bill Mason, finds out after he quits both his job and his girlfriend, Georgie, in one impulsive afternoon. As the consequences of his actions catch up with him Bill finds himself caught between manhood and mousedom.

Can he answer the big questions? Does he have what it takes to change, to find new love with Amberley, or will he continue to view his life through pizza-tinted glasses? Should he buy a new washing machine, or 500 pairs of cheap underpants? Is it ever OK to use a friend’s toothbrush to clean dog do off your shoe?

This brilliant debut is the darkly humorous tale of one man’s battle to be just that: a man.


“This is an emotionally sensitive work of bloke-lit at times reminiscent of a Nick Hornby novel, albeit a very Australian one.” – David Sornig, author of Spiel.

“Weldon is a natural storyteller, the kind of guy that you would enjoy listening to at the pub.” – Tony Thompson, author of Shakespeare: the Most Famous Man in London.

Author Bio:

John Weldon lives in sunny Yarraville with his lovely wife Caitlin and their three children Rose, Patrick and Daniel. He lectures in Professional and Creative Writing at Victoria University.

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