Mischa Merz Undefeated in 5 US Fights

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Mischa Merz has returned from the US where she was undefeated in five fights over six weeks.

Merz competed in the masters division on several USA Boxing tournaments in July and August.

In that time she won the Women’s National Golden Gloves Tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Georgia Games championship in Atlanta, Georgia as well as the Ringside World Championship in Kansas City, Misouri - all in the 138lb division (62.5kgs).

These wins come on top of her 2001 Australian Championship when she competed in the open (under 35) section of amateur boxing in Australia.

Merz, 45, has been unable to compete at home due to age restrictions. But the master’s division of USA boxing is active and strong, with more than 60 athletes registering for the Ringside tournament out of 1400 athletes worldwide.

Her journey across the US will part of her next book, due to be published by Seven Stories Press in New York in 2010.